Finding Treatment for Employees

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, many US federal surveys have pointed to 24 percent of American workers said they drink at work during at least one point in the year. The Council also found 16 percent of emergency room patients hurt on the job had alcohol in their system, according to breathalyzer tests administered. Addiction continues to cause issues for many workplaces, and many employers might need to address the troubles of their employees. With 70 percent of all US workers using illegal drugs, addiction may prove to be a cancer, which has yet to be eradicated from the American workplace. It may prove helpful for you as an HR professional to understand ways you can find treatment for your employees.

Recognizing The Resources Available

If you encounter one of your employees having an addiction, it might be helpful to understand the resources available to you. We can help to provide you with different treatment centers, which might be appropriate for your employee. However, first, you may wish to look at your employee's insurance coverage. Your employee's options depend on their insurance plan. Cali Estes, a certified substance abuse counselor, told "Entrepreneur" having one of your employees enter rehab could become very expensive. "Checking into rehab could be a $30,000 to $50,000 expense," Estes said. "Getting treatment on an outpatient basis is an option and is typically much less expensive."

Need Help Providing a Solution to Addiction at Your Job?

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Considering Proper Detox Protocols

After carefully considering your resources available, you might start to consider the different detox programs available for your employee. Each one brings with it different benefits. Each employee's case might have different needs. It may be important to assess your employee's situation and determine which detox program is appropriate. Some detoxes include:

  • Holistic detox focuses on using safe and natural practices such as massage, yoga and meditation, often with a spiritual focus, in order to eliminate the substance dependency.
  • Medication detox utilizes medication in order to fight the physical urges brought on by substance addiction. Your employee might experience withdrawal symptoms, and the medication can help to lessen the withdrawal impact.
  • Normal detox protocol allows for a detox where your employee can be supervised without any therapy or other addiction assistance at normal rehabs. Your employee returns home once the withdrawal troubles have passed and they are 100 percent again.

Even with several different detox options, the situation can still be troubling. We can help you make sense of the problem and help return your employee back to work safe and sober. Seeking assistance on behalf of your employee might be the first step toward a new era of corporate prosperity for you and your employees.

Making The Tough Choice For Your Employee

While it might be tough for you to fully comprehend the situation your workplace is in, it can be fixed by choosing the right treatment center for your employee. Researchers found that addiction affects around 10 percent of the total US population, aged 12 years or older. You might not be so certain about the future but know you have a partner in us. We can work together to increase positive outcomes for your company by making the tough and important decisions in order to better the lives of your employees.