Addiction in the Workplace for HR Professionals

Human Resources professionals are constantly learning new strategies to improve systems and personal development with their employees. So what happens when one of your employees develops an addiction? Initially, it may be frustrating or even to the point where you want to terminate the employee, but is this the right option for the company? Or the employee?

Ending an addiction before it spirals worse out of control can not only help your company, it could also create a more loyal and dedicated employee. Knowing the company cares enough to help him or her through this difficult time may prove to be a win-win situation.

Finding the Right Treatment Option For Your Employee

If your employee is willing to accept addiction treatment, you may be overwhelmed as far as what to do next. You could play a major role in finding your employee the proper treatment they need. It could be important to have another meeting with your employee to go over the different treatment options  available to them.

Need Help Providing a Solution to Addiction at Your Job?

Find out how we can provide you with quality resources that can make it easier to fix this problem
  • Inpatient Rehab (typically 30 days)
  • Outpatient Rehab (go to facility and leave daily)
  • Holistic Treatment
  • Faith-Based Rehab
  • 12 Step Treatment
  • SMART Recovery
  • Executive Rehab
  • Rehab for Men/Women Only
  • Drug Specific Rehab

Once you have came to a conclusion you can contact the insurance provider or a free drug or alcohol rehab placement service. Finding the right treatment may be necessary for the longevity of the employee's sobriety. Relevant treatment through a legitimate facility that meets your employee's needs and budget is available.

Insurance and Addiction

There are laws in place that require insurance providers to cover some if not all of an employee's addiction rehab visit. Insurance and  addiction treatment does not have to be a lengthy or difficult process. Outpatient and inpatient treatments are typically both covered by insurances. Insurance providers can usually let you know how many days of inpatient rehab they can help cover if you decided to go that route.

When your employee is finished with  his or her addiction treatment, it may be beneficial to look into other benefits the insurance company provides. Some addicts in recovery could benefit from physical exercise while others could benefit from visiting with a therapist. It might be helpful to see if there are any other ways your insurance provider can assist in the recovery and aftercare process.

Understanding the Law

The laws behind addiction in America are constantly changing, on a national scale to a state scale, and even within company policies. With the recent legislation and medical impacts of marijuana, along with prescription narcotics, you and your employees might wish to understand what is acceptable.

You may wish to understand the rights employees have when it comes to addiction, treatment and keeping their jobs. It may be helpful to look at some of the major laws in place that protect employees and companies. Knowing the law can help avoid any legal troubles that could put your company in a bad light. Understanding these policies may also help with avoiding any unwanted financial troubles.

Let Us Work For You

HR employees and managers have a lot on their plate throughout the day. We understand the process of  finding the right treatment center can take a long time. This is why we want to work for you!

When you contact us we may have a brief conversation to better understand your situation. After our conversation we can work with your insurance company and gather the best treatment options available for your situation. We may find a facility that meets your employee's needs and budget. HR Addiction Resources can be your partner to help end addiction in your workplace.