How Do I Pay for Rehab?

The cost of drug and alcohol rehab is as varied as the price of buying a car. That's not to say that the quality of rehabilitation care varies as much as the car market, but the cost might be something to think about. For example, there is rehab treatment that can cost up to six figures for just a month. There are also rehab options that can be funded rather easily through insurance, charitable organizations, and fund-raising. When it comes to finding a rehab center for you, one of the most difficult problems could be finding the money for treatment

Unfortunately, drug and alcohol addictions are extremely expensive habits to have. Alcohol and drugs may cost someone hundreds of dollars a week. Many people with an addiction might not have the money to fund these habits over a long period of time. People resort to stealing and begging to feed their habits. Because of this, funding rehab can be difficult.

Why is Rehab So Expensive?

While the premise of rehab is pretty simple, there are many costs associated with running a medical facility. Many rehab facilities have full-time facilities focused solely on treatment options. Other rehab facilities are also businesses, so all of their money is generated from treating people. But some of the costs of rehab are generated from the following:

  • Addiction specialists and psychological professionals with professional degrees
  • At an inpatient facility, the furniture, food, and cleaning supplies
  • The space for rehab, whether a rented room or an actual establishment
  • Some rehabs are in very luxurious locations and amenities
  • The actual treatment program

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Paying for Rehab: Insurance and Addiction Treatment

Paying for rehab can be difficult. But if you're working, you might receive health insurance through your employer. Many rehabs work with your insurance provider to find a suitable plan for covering your rehab care. Most health insurance companies cover some of your treatment costs. In fact, some have been known to cover the entire expense. For employers, it's cheaper to get you off drugs or alcohol now than it is to pay for liver or kidney transplants in the future. The best way to find if your insurance will pay for treatment could be calling them. Or you could also fill out this form and we can contact your insurance company for you.

After you determine what your insurance can cover, most rehab facilities could set up a payment plan for the rest of your cost. This is so you can receive treatment immediately and work toward paying off the costs after treatment.

Other Payment Options: Fundraising and Charity

Besides insurance, there are other options you could use to try and find the help you need. Since addiction affects the entire family, you might be able to ask your family for money or for a loan. Once you quit your addiction, you can work and pay your family back. If your family isn't able to help you financially, they can help you emotionally.

Some rehab centers also work with financial companies to ensure everyone can afford their addiction treatment. Some rehab centers might help you find a charitable organization that can pay for a large amount of your treatment.

Remember, low cost, doesn't mean low quality care! Everyone working at any rehab center, no matter the price, is going to be devoted to helping you find and maintain sobriety for life.

Rehab is Cheaper Than Using Drugs and Alcohol

While paying for rehab might be difficult, it's a necessary cost. It can be very expensive, but consider exhausting all your resources before you give up and keep using. If you could afford to heavily use drugs or alcohol, it might be cheaper for you to quit drugs now and pay for rehab. In the long run, it may be cheaper than paying for drugs and alcohol. If you need help finding the right treatment center for you and are uncomfortable talking to your employer, you can contact us today. We could work with you and your insurance provider to help find an affordable and effective rehab option, at no cost to you!