What to Know About Us

We’re HR Addiction Resources, a firm devoted to helping people achieve happier, healthier, more sober lives. We can do that by providing

  • Resources about drugs and addiction. We provide resources that can help you learn about drugs and alcohol, the signs of addiction, and how substance abuse might affect various aspects of a person’s life.
  • Resources about treatment, insurance, and legal matters. We can help you find the right treatment for an addiction, research ways to pay for this treatment, and learn how this addiction could impact your job.
  • Counselors who can help find you treatment. Our counselors can explain your treatment options and help you find treatment to suit your particular needs. They could also work with your medical insurance to find ways to pay for such care.

We understand that addiction is a confusing and complex topic. It could be especially true if you may not know much about drugs or alcohol, the nature of addiction, or all the types of rehab centers and treatment programs available.

Get Help Finding a Solution for Addiction in Your Office

Find out how we can point you in the right direction to end addiction in your workplace.

HR Addiction Resources does know about these things. We can teach you too. We could help people find treatment that may help them stay in their jobs. This might help both the people seeking treatment and their workplaces:

  • For employees, addictions can change enough in their lives. People shouldn’t be punished for taking steps to end their addictions. Instead, they might consider working with their workplaces and with HR Addiction Resources to help them improve their personal and professional lives.
  • For HR professionals, helping employees find treatment makes sense. By keeping their current employees, employers do not have to spend precious time and money to recruit and train new employees. Instead, they can utilize the experience and skills of their current employees, creating a productive and successful workplace environment.

There’s no question that addiction might be frightening and confusing. We’re here to provide resources to make addiction a little less scary and a little more clear. If you contact HR Addiction Resources, we could provide such help.