Helping to Fight Addiction in The Work Place

"70% of the estimated 14.8 million Americans who use illegal drugs are employed".

Who We Are

HR Addiction Resources works with the best treatment centers in the nation. We can match you or your employee with a treatment program that makes sense and fits your insurance policy. We are a firm devoted to helping people in the workplace achieve happier, healthier, more sober lives.

What We Do

We provide HR managers and employees a streamlined system into the best addiction treatment centers around. We work quickly to verify your insurance and match a rehab center that fits your insurance and your unique personal preferences.

What We Offer

We offer free insurance verification for addiction treatment and find the best rehab centers that match your policy and preferences. Our team offers employees and HR managers tools to use when identifying, addressing, and solving addiction.

How to Take Advantage

Our services are free! We even provide travel assistance for those who need it. There are many types of treatment options and different ways to pay for them let us educate you on the various treatment types so you can make the best out of your rehab experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

A better understanding of addiction can make recovery easier.

How to Help an Employee

Worried that substance abuse has taken over an employee's life? Find out how to address and help them with their addiction.

What to Know About Addiction

Substance abuse comes in all shapes and sizes. Get the information necessary on various forms of drugs and alcohol.

Is Going to Rehab Necessary

How do you know if you really have an addiction? Is going to rehab really necessary? Let us help you make the best decision for you or a loved one.

Can I Lose My Job While in Treatment

Worried that going to rehab could lead to you being unemployed? Learn about what your employer can and can't do while you're in rehab.

Don't Let Substance Abuse Affect Your Work
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